About La Table d’Antoine

The story of… La Table d’Antoine


Sometimes you meet a person who changes the course of your existence.
Destiny then guides you in a different direction than the one you had planned… This was the case for Antoine Gomes and Renaud Oster.Indeed, these two young men, barely thirty, met by chance only 3 years ago at a gala event. An instant friendship and professional admiration ensued.
Renaud was an in-demand Chef and was already enjoying a successful career worldwide.
Early on, after completing his training at Georges Blanc (3 Michelin stars), he went on to work at the „Palme d’Or” in Cannes (2 Michelin stars), followed by an exciting cross-continental journey.
During this time, he satisfied the delicate palates of Sofitel’s customer in Cartagena, Colombia, as well as a prestigious private client (we will not mention his name here), who brought his talents to global destinations, travelling between Africa, Switzerland, Marrakech and beyond.

Antoine, meanwhile, was experiencing an equally rewarding vocation.


After completion of his hotel education in Dinard (Brittany), he flew to the US to work with  „Paul Bocuse” at the Epcot Center in Disney World, making his debut as a head waiter. It was a demanding profession, but he found this experience quite fulfilling (being the ambitious young man he is).
A few months later, Antoine returned to France, where he resided in Monaco while working for Ducasse at the „Hotel de Paris”. In 2011 he decided to settle permanently on our island, and it was here where he met his new business partner and friend at this infamous gala.
It was unquestionably a good meeting, one that few experience in a lifetime. They quickly discovered they had many qualities in common; ambition, determination, and above all, a shared passion for French gastronomy.
Combining their talents, with a common desire to create a refined and innovative cuisine, they decided to reinvent the culinary experience by combining traditional flavors with sweet Caribbean spices and aromas.
As a result of that fateful evening, as is now in evidence, “La Table d’Antoine” was born.